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Schedule A Complimentary Market Appraisal & Selling Consultation

30 Minutes is all it takes to get an idea of what to expect when you sell.
We can go over your needs, timeline, and any items that are important to you.
There's no obligation or pressure.
When you're ready to sell, I'm ready to help. 

Sean was fantastic to work with! I previously listed my apartment for many months unsuccessfully with another broker. Sean came in with a fresh set of eyes. He updated the pictures and marketing and ultimately got us multiple offers (one of whom was the right buyer).. and quickly! He has a very likable personality, was very easy to get along with, and always honest. He made sure to lay out both pros and cons of various offers. He was also great about providing updates after showings and open houses unprompted. I would highly recommend using him as your broker!

-Katrina D.

How  Seller Consultations Work

We'll go over all the items that are important to you- timing, goals, and provide expert advice on anything you may need help with- from expected renovations, referrals for professionals, design trends and market pricing. The consultation is free and no obligation required, and will include:

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Personalized Home Evaluation

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Pre-Listing Preparation Ideas

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Professional Introductions

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Detailed Marketing Plan

Pre-Selling Checklist 

PRO TIP:  Most untrained eyes look at furnishings and décor first,  subconsciously setting a mood before they even see the fundamentals of a space. Staging and Prep is always a smart investment.

Here are a few things you can do for minimal cost:

  • Everything should be cleaned thoroughly.

  • Tidy up! Clutter confuses buyers and distracts them from the positive qualities of the space. 

  • Windows professionally cleaned.

  • Repaint dirty or smudged walls.

  • Water damage? any signs of damage have to be addressed.

  • Replace any cracked glass panes, windows or mirrors.

  • Regrout floor and wall tiles. Consider reglazing old shower/bathtubs/sinks if finish damaged

  • Considering a Kitchen or Bath renovation? - these should be addressed case by case, but move in condition is  a must for most buyers since covid. There are simple ways to renovate with minimal budget and time. A new countertop, painted cabinets and updated hardware is a simple fix in most cases.

  • Update lighting-  replace floor lamps with sconces or add led in the ceiling/soffit.

  • Scented candles near entry/bathroom

  • Fresh flowers or plants.  

  • Bad views?-  Window boxes help poor views. Artwork can often substitute for a view. Strategically placed mirrors near small windows.

  • Refinishing floors goes miles, for a minimal cost compared to gains.

  • Doorbell/knocker should be new and working perfectly.

  • Outlet covers/light switches- new and modern change the feel for only $3 each.

  • Replace old bulbs with incandescent & add dimmers. Fluorescent lighting has to go!

  • Remove as much from tables, desks and shelves- especially Kitchen.  Opt instead for simple/smart accessories to warm things up- fruit bowl, vase, sleek coffee machine. etc

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Notable Sales Transactions

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